Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost home

24 hours from now I should be back in my house.  I can't wait!  Hannah has become impossible and keeps asking to go home.  She told me she wants to cook in her own kitchen.  So do I.  I don't have too many ways to entertain her where we are staying so she is unfortunately watching a lot of tv.  When we get home that will change. She will have her toys and friends again. I predict many hours outside playing and running around.  As much as I hate Kingsville, my husband and dogs are there and I miss them like crazy.  I also miss my own bed and shower.  I have never been away from home this long.  I have been gone 10 days, but that was as a family.  Considering it is usually my husband leaving and I am the one home, this has been an odd experience.  I think I prefer to be the one that stays home.  I have had a great time seeing people, but I know I will not do this again.  At least while I am pregnant. 

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