Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ultrasound Results

I had my anatomy scan yesterday, and  it looks like I am having another girl.  I will be honest, I was pretty sad when I found out.  I thought for sure that it was a boy, and it was a shock to hear I am carrying a girl.  I am pretty certain this is my last pregnancy so I was hoping for a boy to have one of each, but two girls will be fun.  At least I know what to expect this time around. If, in a few years, we decide we want a third we can always try to adopt a boy.  The tech said the baby looks pretty good which is the best thing I can ask for regardless of how I feel about the gender.  I know the shock will wear off, and I will be excited to have another girl.  Although the idea of having two teenage girls does scare me a bit.  The husband joked that he is being punished for something since we have two female dogs, and now two daughters.  I am glad he is used to estrogen already.

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