Thursday, July 19, 2012

We made it!

Well, we made it to Kansas City.  For a few hours I wasn't sure I we would, and half way through the day I regretted making the trip.  However, we are settled, and bored, at my dad's house for now.  We tried to leave San Antonio right as President Obama was landing there which meant air space was closed.  Then we sat on the plane for an hour due to an AC/power source thing.  We started to taxi to the runway when there was a lound thumping noise at the back of the plane.  The flight attendant called the pilots to let them know.  It sounded like someone was trapped in the cargo area and was trying to get out.  They checked and decided it was some AC thing which meant sitting on the plane at a gate for an hour with no AC.  Hannah was so cranky by that point.  Luckily, I had a long layover so I didn't miss my flight.  It didn't matter anyway because my second flight was delayed an hour out of Atlanta.  I was close to crying.  I was so tired of chasing Hannah through the airport.  I really wanted a leash for her.  I don't care how it looks.  We had several talks about listening, and obviously she did not listen.  Then she was not happy when we landed because she was hungry and tired.  The last few nights she has been awake until 11 and I have to have a hand on her when sleeping otherwise she cries.  This does not work well when my hips hurt so bad and I toss and turn all night.  Besides all that the trip is going fine.  I already miss my house, husband, and dogs.  I am thinking two weeks may have been too long, but the tickets were cheapest at this length.  I know for sure I will not fly with just Hannah again while I am pregnant.  It just hurt too much to chase her around. 

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