Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Potty training

I am so over potty training. Meeghan was doing awesome, and now she has regressed. We went to Disney at the beginning of March, and we let her wear underwear. She only had one accident the entire weekend. I was so happy! We went to Magic Kingdom on Sunday, and she had two accidents within an hour. She is terrified of public bathrooms suddenly. She used to ask to go in them constantly. Now she screams if we even try to take her in one. I have started taking her little training potty in the car anytime we leave the house. At home, she does great. She even woke up during the night to tell me she had to go potty. It is when we leave the house that we have a problem. On Sunday, we finally put a diaper on her which is not helping her, but I was out of spare clothes. The other issue is she won't poop in a toilet. She will do it in her underwear, or wait until she is wearing her bedtime diaper. I am hoping a bit of time will solve these problems, but the kid is so darn stubborn I am not sure how long to wait.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Catching Up

Life lately has been consumed with trying to get into school, and keeping my kids entertained. I have been going round and round with a college here about assessment tests. They are used to determine your math and English placement. I have already taken those courses, and my academic adviser only has me taking program specific courses. They claim that I don't qualify for an exemption based on some Florida bill, but I found two passages on their own website that states students with bachelor's degrees can be exempt from these tests. Every time I call I am directed to a different department, but I think they all read the same sheet. I even directed one lady to the website, but conveniently her computer crashed so she couldn't see it. The summer class I need to take starts May 6. I have a month to sort through this mess. It gives me such a headache. I am tempted to take the tests anyway just to have this mess over, but that would mean 3 hours of testing for me and at least 4 hours of day care for my kids. If I can avoid that, I will.

The bright spot of the weekend was running a 10K on base. I set a new PR! I have been running with E to increase my sustained pace. Unfortunately we were only running 3 miles so I wasn't sure how I would do doubling the distance. I knew I could run for the time I wanted because I have done it a few times during training runs, but I have never done it in a race. I struggle mentally in races. I decided to use positive mantras during the race, and tell myself that I was capable. It worked. The race is timed, but they only have gun time and not a separate chip time. If you go by my watch (which would equal chip time) I set the new PR by over 2 minutes! It took me 25 seconds to cross the start line so my official time shows a PR of a minute and a half. It isn't a huge drop in time, but my old PR was set in November 2013. It was time for the record to fall. Plus it was a warm day which made the race more difficult. E pushed the girls in the double stroller, and still finished minutes ahead of me!

We don't really celebrate Easter, but the girls did dye eggs. Here is a picture of them before we started:  

I hope everyone had a great weekend!