Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Settling In

I have been in Florida for 3 weeks now, and it still doesn't feel like home yet.  I haven't been out much except to run errands so I guess I only have myself to blame.  Most of the boxes are unpacked which is nice.  I am trying to finish a few projects I wanted to finish before I moved.  Hannah does not make it easy.  She has decided that waking up around 5:30 is great which means no free time for me.  I am lucky if she naps for 45 minutes on her own.  It does get frustrating, but I hope it is just a phase.  She is still waking up a few times a night.  I miss the days when she slept for 12 straight hours. 

The area is pretty nice.  Some parts of it do remind me of central Kansas.  There is a country feel to it so it is not complete culture shock.  I live out in the country so it is a 15 to 20 minute drive into the neighboring towns to run errands which is different than before.  It was a 5 minute drive to get where I needed to be.  Now it takes a little longer and it feels like everything is so far away.  In reality it isn't.  I know when I lived in KC, I drove 30 minutes to visit people and didn't think anything of it.  Now I have to drive for 15 minutes to get to the store and I think it takes forever.  I guess I became "small town".  Eventually I will make it around the area to see some of the sights.  At least the dogs are enjoying the new place.  They spend most of the morning outside.  This yard has trees and they love that.  Shade plus squirrels make them very  happy.  I think the plan is to take them to a dog beach one day.  

I have not taken one picture since I have arrived.  I will take some soon and post them here.  Hannah already has a tan line even with SPF 50 sunscreen slathered on her.  I think she likes the pool.  It took her a few minutes to warm up to it.  She didn't like the Gulf, but she did like the sand.  She started digging in it and then eating it.  Next time I will have to take her bucket and shovel so she can play.