Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm a freezer

Yesterday, Hannah and I were at the pool for a play date.  Hannah loves the pool.  She is trying to learn how to swim.  I had taken her floaty thing off since she was at the table eating a snack.  She decided she wanted to sit on the steps of the pool and play with a friend.  Since she was on the step, I didn't put her floaty back on.  I looked away for a second to put some food away, and when I turned around I saw my daughter under the water.  I was completely paralyzed.  I was told I did say her name, but in a very calm fashion. Luckily another mom saw her as well and jumped in to get her.  I saw Hannah kicking her legs, and waving her arms so she was trying to get to the surface.  I ran over right after the mom, and grabbed Hannah after she was pulled out.  Surprisingly, Hannah was just fine.  She didn't spit out any water or cough.  All she wanted was to sit down and eat some crackers.  I think she was a bit shaken up, but okay.  She even cried later because I wouldn't let her get back in the pool.  I am guessing she was holding her breath which helped her in the long run.  Plus she must have just gone under since there were 3 other moms around watching the kids.  It still scared me to death.  I was so distraught by my reaction.  I just froze when I saw it.  I didn't run until after I saw someone else run.  I am so disappointed in myself.  If I had been the only one around, Hannah may have been in serious trouble.  I felt like the worst mom in the world.  It also made me realize I need to brush up on my CPR skills.  This time she was okay, but it could have been worse.  Or it could be someone else's kid that needs help.  I definitely learned from that accident.  It keeps replaying over and over in my mind.  I am terrified to take her back to the pool, but I know I have to.  Next time I won't take the floaty off until we are outside the gate.  And she is definitely taking swim lessons this summer.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's been awhile

My mother-in-law was visiting which meant my computer time was limited.  Our guest room is also our computer room.

Nothing too big has been going on around here. Hannah has finally settled into the new house and no longer asks to go home.  A girl her age lives next door and she loves playing with her.  Hannah has even knocked on their door to ask if the little girl could swim in her kiddie pool with her.  They have a blast together.  I am glad Hannah has a playmate that is so close.  We didn't have that in Florida.  I had to rely on playgroups when I had a car which was not very consistent.  It is pretty cute to watch them together.

In other news, I am hoping I have found a job.  I hate the current online program I am taking.  I have no desire to ever use it in the real world so I really don't want to finish the program.  I have found an opportunity to work from home doing something that I think I will love.  I am hoping it works out so we will have some extra money since we will need it with a second kid.  We would like to buy a second car, but right now we just can't afford it due to bills.  Let's hope a second income (even a small one) will help stretch our budget a bit.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Big news!

I am really bad at blogging these days.  I feel like such a slacker.  I don't really have a routine here yet, and I know that is part of my problem.  I have also spent free time trying to catch up on my online class which I now want to quit, but that is a post for a different day.

Since I finally made it to a doctor yesterday, I feel comfortable announcing that my family will be adding a new member in November!  I am just about 12 weeks pregnant, and this pregnancy is kicking my butt.  Hopefully, it will get better since I am almost to the second trimester.  I have been so tired that I prefer to lie down as soon as I have the chance.  I am excited and terrified at the same time.  I am still unsure if I can juggle two since I can barely handle one kid right now, but I guess I will figure it out.

My prediction for this baby is boy.  This pregnancy has been so different that I just feel like it will be a boy.  I guess I will find out in July!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I can say that 95% of the boxes that we kept in the house have been unpacked.  It is nice for this place to feel like home.  We downsized with this townhome so we had to rent a storage unit for some of our stuff.  I can't believe how much stuff we had, and how much we relied on a garage.  We did some purging while unpacking, and hopefully we can purge before we move again in 6-8 months.

I was worried about the dogs not having a yard, but they are doing great.  Only a few accidents.  We do have a tiny, fenced patio that we let them use in emergencies.  We put some astroturf down and that seems to be close enough to grass for them.  Otherwise, they are really good at letting us know or waiting for their walk every few hours.  Hannah loves having playgrounds and a pool within walking distance.  We won't be stuck in the house all day while my husband is at work.  The downside to this place is it is remote and small.  South Texas is so different than Florida.  It is in the 90s before noon, and it is so windy it is hard to walk some days.  I don't even want to know what July and August will be like if it is already so hot.  I definitely don't want to see my electric bill.  I do miss all the activities Pensacola had to offer.  I hear the MWR has a lot of stuff to do, and I am hoping that is true.  And if we get desperate enough to do something, Corpus Christi is only 45 minutes away with Padre Island only about an hour.  San Antonio is only 3 hours away, and I can't wait to take  a weekend trip there.  I really am going to try to make the most of my time in this tiny Texas town.  I have met some nice people, and I know that does make a difference.

In completely unrelated news, in one month Hannah turns 2.  I can't believe how fast time is flying.  The terrible twos are definitely here.  I am not sure what happened to my sweet baby, but this pushy, bossy toddler can change back to a sweet kid any day now.  She drives me absolutely bonkers some days.