Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's been awhile

My mother-in-law was visiting which meant my computer time was limited.  Our guest room is also our computer room.

Nothing too big has been going on around here. Hannah has finally settled into the new house and no longer asks to go home.  A girl her age lives next door and she loves playing with her.  Hannah has even knocked on their door to ask if the little girl could swim in her kiddie pool with her.  They have a blast together.  I am glad Hannah has a playmate that is so close.  We didn't have that in Florida.  I had to rely on playgroups when I had a car which was not very consistent.  It is pretty cute to watch them together.

In other news, I am hoping I have found a job.  I hate the current online program I am taking.  I have no desire to ever use it in the real world so I really don't want to finish the program.  I have found an opportunity to work from home doing something that I think I will love.  I am hoping it works out so we will have some extra money since we will need it with a second kid.  We would like to buy a second car, but right now we just can't afford it due to bills.  Let's hope a second income (even a small one) will help stretch our budget a bit.

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