Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thank you aviation gods!

Things in my house have been a bit tense the last few weeks.  The husband had a bit of trouble one week with a couple of flights.  He failed two in a row which is never good.  He was given extra training and a progress check.  If you fail those, well, your career in the Navy doesn't look great.  Luckily, he passed those and moved on to finish the block of flights.  Thursday was his checkride for his first solo flight in the jet.  Oh my goodness, the tension was so thick.  He was  almost canceled due to weather, but he was able to complete it and he passed!  Thank goodness!  Yesterday, he flew the jet all by himself for the first time.  I can tell the weight has been lifted off his shoulders because he is in a great mood now.  He still has a few months of training left in this phase, but I hope it is smooth sailing from here on out.  It was a pretty scary few weeks.  We weren't sure what to do since we don't have a plan B, and I think we were both wondering if we would have to figure out a new life for our family.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Night time craziness

The last few nights have been interesting. One night/early morning, I woke up because I heard a guy whispering my name.  I swore it was my husband since he was getting ready to leave for work.  I asked him when he came home and he said it wasn't him.  I was completely freaked out.  It may have been my imagination or a dream, but it felt so real.  I even turned on the light to make sure he wasn't trying to just get my attention from the door.  I don't think the dog heard anything so I guess it could have been a dream.  Two nights ago I had a dream that Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were fighting over me.  I guess in my dream I thought I was Bridget Jones.  It was all so bizarre and humorous at the same time.  In the end I chose Colin Firth.  One night my dreams were about food.  I woke up craving everything in the dream.  It is pretty disappointing to have a great food dream only to realize you don't have the food in your house.  The last one I can remember, I was trying to pick out the perfect accent color for a black and white bathroom.  I'll blame that one on too much HGTV before bed.  Am I the only one who is having crazy dreams lately?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The second time around

I remember when I was pregnant with Hannah I had to have everything done right away.  I needed the nursery set up and organized months before she was due.  I needed that stroller and car seat also.  There would be no waiting until just a few months out to purchase those.  I was a freaking lunatic about everything. This time around not so much.  I do have all the stuff out of storage, but that's because we went to pull the freezer out of storage and grabbed everything we needed while we were there.  It is clean and it is all sitting in the crib.

It is safe from Hannah and the dogs...for now.

I realized I still have a few things to buy, but I keep telling myself I have plenty of time.  In reality, I do have two months, but there is no way I am hitting the stores in mid November.  Luckily, the things I do need are small and stuff I almost forgot I needed like a hamper or a laundry basket.  I still need to wash all the clothes as well. I only pulled those out because I needed room in Hannah's closet for some of her stuff.  For now they are sitting in plastic storage drawers that Hannah was using until this month when we finally found a dresser for her.  

Not classy, but it works
The husband has decided he doesn't want to use these drawers again for the baby so he is going to build an armoire of sorts.  I am impressed that he can do it because I have no freaking clue how to even start building one.  Hopefully he is able to finish it in October so I can start washing clothes.  Hopefully the storage drawers will be moved into the playroom/dining room and used to store toys.  The only thing we did pretty early was paint her letters.  We decided we better just do it so we don't change our minds about her name.  Once the letters are painted, the name is set. is my name reveal.  My family is not a fan of it, but I figured it is my kid not theirs so they will have to get over it.  

Meeghan Fallon will be her name.  I was hoping Fallon would be the first name, but the husband thought the name was too out there so it became her middle name.  It is pronounced with a long E sound instead of a short E like in Megan.  We wanted a Celtic name this time around so we hit Google until we found one we agreed on.  The goal was to find an uncommon name that wasn't too crazy.  I am hoping it works.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Weeks to Go!

I have no idea where the time has gone, but I am on the home stretch of this pregnancy.  I am ready for it to be over, but not sure I am ready to tackle caring for two kids at once.  I have been having a ton of contractions.  Luckily, they are not are regular or of any concern.  It is getting harder to find a comfortable position to sleep, and my feet are swollen at the end of each day.  I am on my feet so much with Hannah, and I don't wear shoes in the house, so my poor feet are taking a beating.  I don't have cankles yet so I consider that a victory.  I finally have the nursery set up.  All that is left is purchase a few things, and wash, wash, wash!  I forgot how many outfits, blankets, and sheets I have.  I don't remember washing that much stuff before Hannah was born.  We still need to make some freezer meals, but I think that will be done next month.  Other than that, I think all 3 of us are becoming pretty anxious to meet the newest member of our family.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am terribly afraid my child is going to be a bully.  I know she is only 2 and she is still trying to push boundaries, and learn what is acceptable behavior, but yesterday just scared me.  She was playing with the neighbor in our little plastic pool.  She kept splashing the girl even though I told her to stop and the girl asked her to stop.  She thought it was funny that she made the girl cry. I was so embarrassed and furious that my child was acting like that.  I pulled her aside and explained to her how she was hurting someone's feelings, etc.  She said she understood, but went right back to splashing.  Then at one point she had the girl in a headlock. The girl did push her back and Hannah thought it was funny.  She thinks it is funny to wrestle and push.  Luckily the mom of the other girl didn't seem to mind that Hannah was being a bully.  She kept telling me they are 2 and this is what they do.  I understand 2 year olds can be like this, but I really hope it stops.  I am at a loss on how to explain correct behavior.  I have used various forms of discipline when she is mean, and I try to show her what good behavior is through my actions.  I am hoping she was just extra snotty because she hadn't napped.  I really don't want to have the kid that no other kid will play with.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have seen some people doing this, and I thought it would be a good way to get some stuff off my chest.

Dear Mother Nature,
Did you know fall starts in a few weeks?  Can you please stop it with the heat?  100 degree days are really driving me crazy.  I heard a rumor that a cool spell is coming which means temperatures will be in the 90s.  I miss fall.  Mother Nature, do you think you can cool it off here just a bit?  It would be nice to walk outside during the day and not feel like I am in an oven.

A very hot and pregnant woman

Dear Hannah,
I love you dearly child, but please for the love of everything that is holy in the world will you sleep?  I get that you have some new found imagination, but I promise you, your room is safe and I will not let anything happen to you.  Mama needs some sleep kid!  And so do you!

Your very exhausted mother

Dear husband,
I know you are going to kick some ass today on your flight.  Don't let the past few days get you down. You are a great pilot, and you will push through this phase.

Your very anxious and hopeful wife

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I think I have finished my mourning phase of realizing I won't have a little boy.  I know my husband is still bummed about not having a boy, but I think we both have come to the realization that two girls will be fun.  Plus there is always the chance to adopt later if we would like a son.  Honestly, part of me is sad I would never get to use the name we chose which is silly I suppose, but it is how I feel.  I am excited now to have another girl.  Hannah is really sweet with babies, and I hope it continues with her sister.  A name has been chosen and slowly I am trying to put a nursery together.  Right now it looks like the contents of Hannah's baby days have exploded all over the room, but I still have a few months to get it organized.  The biggest argument lately has been the amount of pink in the room.  I am not a fan of a ton of pink for a girl.  I have always thought it was more fun to use to primary or bold colors, but my husband wants this room pink.  We can't paint since we are renting so that does help some, but man it was almost World War III to choose the colors for her letters. I wanted something a bit different, and he wanted pink.  Just pink.  I compromised a bit and agreed to two shades of pink since Hannah's letters are two shades of purple.  Luckily he is letting me use the accent color of green to go with the pink so I don't feel like I am walking into Pepto Bismol.  It is crazy how wrapped up in our disagreement we can get, and it doesn't really matter what the room looks like.   I just wish I were a crafty person so I could make some fun decorations myself.