Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The second time around

I remember when I was pregnant with Hannah I had to have everything done right away.  I needed the nursery set up and organized months before she was due.  I needed that stroller and car seat also.  There would be no waiting until just a few months out to purchase those.  I was a freaking lunatic about everything. This time around not so much.  I do have all the stuff out of storage, but that's because we went to pull the freezer out of storage and grabbed everything we needed while we were there.  It is clean and it is all sitting in the crib.

It is safe from Hannah and the dogs...for now.

I realized I still have a few things to buy, but I keep telling myself I have plenty of time.  In reality, I do have two months, but there is no way I am hitting the stores in mid November.  Luckily, the things I do need are small and stuff I almost forgot I needed like a hamper or a laundry basket.  I still need to wash all the clothes as well. I only pulled those out because I needed room in Hannah's closet for some of her stuff.  For now they are sitting in plastic storage drawers that Hannah was using until this month when we finally found a dresser for her.  

Not classy, but it works
The husband has decided he doesn't want to use these drawers again for the baby so he is going to build an armoire of sorts.  I am impressed that he can do it because I have no freaking clue how to even start building one.  Hopefully he is able to finish it in October so I can start washing clothes.  Hopefully the storage drawers will be moved into the playroom/dining room and used to store toys.  The only thing we did pretty early was paint her letters.  We decided we better just do it so we don't change our minds about her name.  Once the letters are painted, the name is set. is my name reveal.  My family is not a fan of it, but I figured it is my kid not theirs so they will have to get over it.  

Meeghan Fallon will be her name.  I was hoping Fallon would be the first name, but the husband thought the name was too out there so it became her middle name.  It is pronounced with a long E sound instead of a short E like in Megan.  We wanted a Celtic name this time around so we hit Google until we found one we agreed on.  The goal was to find an uncommon name that wasn't too crazy.  I am hoping it works.

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