Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have seen some people doing this, and I thought it would be a good way to get some stuff off my chest.

Dear Mother Nature,
Did you know fall starts in a few weeks?  Can you please stop it with the heat?  100 degree days are really driving me crazy.  I heard a rumor that a cool spell is coming which means temperatures will be in the 90s.  I miss fall.  Mother Nature, do you think you can cool it off here just a bit?  It would be nice to walk outside during the day and not feel like I am in an oven.

A very hot and pregnant woman

Dear Hannah,
I love you dearly child, but please for the love of everything that is holy in the world will you sleep?  I get that you have some new found imagination, but I promise you, your room is safe and I will not let anything happen to you.  Mama needs some sleep kid!  And so do you!

Your very exhausted mother

Dear husband,
I know you are going to kick some ass today on your flight.  Don't let the past few days get you down. You are a great pilot, and you will push through this phase.

Your very anxious and hopeful wife


  1. I agree about the heat! It seems it is still blazing hot everywhere in the US.

  2. Mine stopped sleeping well all of a sudden too. Whats the deal?

  3. Oh no! You sound frustrated. Deep breaths! I say walk around naked to keep cool. And then let the little one sleep with lights and music - works for my fear of ghosts! And your hubby is a pilot!? That's neat. Tell him to make jokes on the intercom - that'll lighten the mood.

    haha! hang in there. :)

  4. I agree with the temps! It was recently 100 degrees here. Today it's only 80-something though so that's a start..


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