Sunday, September 2, 2012


I think I have finished my mourning phase of realizing I won't have a little boy.  I know my husband is still bummed about not having a boy, but I think we both have come to the realization that two girls will be fun.  Plus there is always the chance to adopt later if we would like a son.  Honestly, part of me is sad I would never get to use the name we chose which is silly I suppose, but it is how I feel.  I am excited now to have another girl.  Hannah is really sweet with babies, and I hope it continues with her sister.  A name has been chosen and slowly I am trying to put a nursery together.  Right now it looks like the contents of Hannah's baby days have exploded all over the room, but I still have a few months to get it organized.  The biggest argument lately has been the amount of pink in the room.  I am not a fan of a ton of pink for a girl.  I have always thought it was more fun to use to primary or bold colors, but my husband wants this room pink.  We can't paint since we are renting so that does help some, but man it was almost World War III to choose the colors for her letters. I wanted something a bit different, and he wanted pink.  Just pink.  I compromised a bit and agreed to two shades of pink since Hannah's letters are two shades of purple.  Luckily he is letting me use the accent color of green to go with the pink so I don't feel like I am walking into Pepto Bismol.  It is crazy how wrapped up in our disagreement we can get, and it doesn't really matter what the room looks like.   I just wish I were a crafty person so I could make some fun decorations myself.


  1. Two girls willbe wonderful! I was an only child, but I wold have loved to have a sister to play with. And my two little cousins, both girls, have been great friends all along.

    Hard for men sometimes to see things in a less expected way... Sneak as much green in there as you can! Or start putting pink all over your master bedroom. Maybe then he'll change his mind!

  2. Hi!! I'm a new follower from the hop! I look forward to reading more of your blog and congrats on having another girl. :)

    Jen @
    The Adventures of our Army Life

  3. Having your daughter have a sister is so wonderful. I didnt like my sisters much while we were growing up but I am so thankful now. xoxo
    Thanks for joining the hop.

  4. Etsy is for people who aren't crafty or don't feel like being crafty! I got a bunch of things for my baby girl's nursery from there. =)

    Isn't it silly what you find yourself arguing with your husband about sometimes?!

    Thanks for linking up for Wednesday Walkabout!

    Sarah from GI Joe's Wife

  5. My dad ended up with three girls, and LOVED it. They don't have to be girly just because they're girls! We all played sports, fished (and baited our own hooks), hunted, etc. And I firmly believe that sisters end up closer than brothers. :)

  6. Hello, found you through the Walkabout (:

    I was in the same situation, just reversed. We have two little boys. I was hopeful for a girl the second time around, but of course I wouldn't trade him for the world now (: There are upsides though. For example, I don't buy as many clothes because they can both use them. They have so much fun playing together now because they like the same things. And I am sort of enjoying the impressed looks people give me when I say "yes I have two toddlers who are both boys and less than two years apart" haha.

    P.S. hot pink is sort of a bold color? maybe he would go for that and you could be more comfortable with it as well? Good luck!

    Katelyn @ Livin' Our Love Song


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