Monday, August 27, 2012


I am just going to say it, and hope people don't think less of me.  Right now, I really dislike being a parent.  Some days I downright hate it.  Between becoming more pregnant every day, and Hannah deep in the terrible twos, I feel so unhappy.  I feel like I have completely lost control of my child, and I have no clue how to correct the situation.  I have tried different types of discipline, but nothing seems to be working.  On top of that, Hannah is still having bed time issues.  Luckily now she is only crying for a minute or two before she goes to bed, but if she wakes up during the night it is a process to get her back to sleep.  I spent two hours last night explaining to her why she couldn't sleep in my bed or in my room, and trying to figure out why she hated her room so much.  I would leave, and she would scream for 10 minutes.  I would go in to check on her.  Repeat for 2 hours.  Finally she fell asleep, and I felt so damn guilty that I made her cry herself to sleep but I am out of ideas.  I have tried letting her sleep on her Elmo couch downstairs, but it never works.  She wants to play, eat, or watch tv if she is downstairs.  The husband has asked that she not sleep in our bed, and I agree.  I can't have her sleep on the floor of our room during the week because I want my husband to get all the sleep he can so he doesn't crash his plane due to sleep deprivation.

I know we are both cooped up because of the heat.  I tried taking her to the playground today, and the heat index was already close to 100 at 9:30.  I could only handle about 20 minutes.  I am trying to find new, fun indoor activities for her to try.  Anybody have any good ideas?


  1. Nah, I don't think less of you. We all go through this. It's tough! But it will pass, I promise. Things do get easier.

  2. Playdpough, "moon sand", water colors, new movies, exercise videos... good luck and hang in there...

  3. Bedtime issues are the worst! But don't feel guilty, at one point or another *everyone* hates being a parent. You're still a good mama; you'll get through it.

    Good luck!

    (We do a lot of messy art projects indoors when we're stir crazy. My four-year-old could spend hours painting watercolor coffee filters! Oh! And if you have any big cardboard boxes...)


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