Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My kid made me cry

Unfortunately it was out of frustration and not out of joy.  I took her with me to run errands so the husband could get some work done for his flight tonight.  This is our first full day home so I know she is still adjusting. She didn't get the best night of sleep because she kept waking up screaming.  I am sure she was confused because I know I was confused when I woke up.  I couldn't remember whose house I was in.  The first few stops went great, and then I took her to the dreaded Wal Mart to get groceries.  It was insane.  I tried to bribe her to sit in the cart with the iPad.  That worked for about 5 minutes before she was doing all she could to climb out.  So I let her walk and put the grocery items in the cart for me.  That worked for about 2 minutes because then she started wandering off.  Eventually it turned into a game of chase all over the grocery section.  I ended up leaving with only half my items and tears in my eyes.  I was so frustrated with her even though I know her acting out is a result of our trip.  She has been pretty nasty the last few hours, but thankfully she is napping.  I have no clue how to handle this age of 2.  I hope I figure it out soon.


  1. Oh no. :( Don't worry. It will get easier. I imagine it's hard to entertain little kids for more than two minutes. Next time give her a box of Cheerios to throw around. ;)

  2. I understand. It can be a struggle shopping with kids.


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