Monday, January 30, 2012


Right now in my online class, I am in the keyboard/typing section.  Before this I thought I was a pretty fast and accurate typer.  I am learning that I am not.  My problem is it teaches you which letters to hit with which fingers.  My brain can't think like that.  It knows which letters to hit.  It gives you a pattern, and my brain gets stuck in that pattern which causes me to have to stop and think if it changes on me.  However, when it comes time to type real words, I have very few problems.  It is very frustrating.  The goal is to type 80 words per minute by the end. I started at 50.  Let's hope I can improve otherwise I won't be making a lot of money if I get a job.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I started the Insanity work out yesterday.  All I did was the fitness test, and I had to stop myself from vomiting at the end.  It was intense!  I realized how out of shape I am while doing it.  I do go to the gym on a not so regular basis, but I guess I wasn't pushing myself enough.  I am still trying to lose the baby pooch that Hannah gave me.  Day 2 is today, and I am not looking forward to it.  I am sore after just a fitness test. I don't want to know what a real workout will do to me. Has anyone else tried the Insanity work out before?

Friday, January 20, 2012


My dad left this morning.  I think it was a pretty great visit.  He wanted to see some Civil War sights so I did the best I could to find them all.  Hannah interacted with him which made me happy.  She was a trooper considering her schedule was all thrown off until yesterday.  We hopped in the car to go to Mobile, but she wasn't thrilled. She screamed for about 20 minutes which by that point my dad and I couldn't take it.  We ended up turning around and hanging out in Milton.  I had to bribe her with a cookie or videos of Elmo to get her to not scream while in the car seat.  I think she was tired of sightseeing.  Luckily, the first few days she was okay.  She loved visiting some of the old forts.  It gave her plenty of space to run and explore.

She found an old water system (I think) and decided to run in it.  It started to become pretty deep and she wanted out.

We also checked out the beach.  She always loves going to the beach.  She was not happy when I said it was time to leave.  The water was pretty cold, but it did not slow her down.  She was splashing around inching her way to the water.

Here she is with Papa.  She did not want to be held.  She had too much exploring to do, and we were slowing her down by taking pictures.

I am glad Hannah was able to spend some time with her grandfather.  I am hoping we can set up Skype sessions with her grandparents in the future to keep them in her life.

Friday, January 13, 2012

No cursed Friday for me!

To quote Ice Cube, "Today was a good day."  Hannah slept through the night, and didn't wake up until after 7!  The dogs only wanted to go out once during the night.  I went to sleep before 10 last night which meant I was able to sleep a lot.  Hannah woke up in a good mood since she wasn't up so many times during the night.  Plus the husband finally soloed today.  Due to an illness that kept him grounded almost a month he is a bit behind in training, but now hopefully he will move right through to finish primary in a few months.  Hannah went to bed with very little fuss tonight, and so I hope that she sleeps through the night again.  It will be a busy weekend of cleaning since my dad will be here on Sunday.  I am very excited for him to visit!

Today was a good day.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My baby is a toddler

I have known for a while now that Hannah is past the infant stage and well into toddlerhood, but lately it is hitting me just how fast she is growing up.  Her vocabulary is expanding, she is using sentences, and she is so into the alphabet.  Everything she sees, she must tell us what letters she recognizes.  She is even taking the first steps towards potty training.  Tonight is the second night that she is sleeping in her "big girl" bed.  She was protesting bed time tonight by yelling at the baby gate.  However, she decided that she was tired and laid down in her bed.  Two months ago when we first tried the toddler bed, she cried at the door and slept there.  She is so excited to have a bed instead of a crib.  She calls it her nigh-nigh.  I am not sure where she picked up that expression since I don't use it, but that is what she says. She even says good night mama when I lay her down in bed.  I almost cried the other day because I don't know when she grew up.  I blinked and now she is a kid.  There is no baby in her (except for the diapers.)  I am excited to see what she will learn next.  There is never a dull moment with this baby kid around.

Friday, January 6, 2012


This week I have been taking steps to go back to school online.  We need more money to pay on the husband's student loans.  Luckily I found a program online for medical transcription editor that is covered by myCAA.  I am hoping that I can complete the program, and find a job from home so we can hold off on buying a second car for a bit longer.  I am not super excited to be doing this, but I know it needs to be done and is the best solution to our problem.  I am grateful to have financial help since we live paycheck to paycheck.  I wasn't sure how I would be able to go back to school in a classroom setting while paying for day care. Luckily I won't have to worry about that.  I am a bit nervous though. I graduated from college in 2002. I haven't had to study since then.  I am hoping I can learn to balance my work here at home with studying since it is online.  Hannah is in a very clingy stage where she wants me to be around all the time.  I will have to use every second of nap time and her bed time to study.  I know this will be a good thing for us.  The goal is to work in this field for a few years, and then hopefully go back to school to study clinical sciences.  We'll see where the next few years take us I guess.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The joys of motherhood

(This post is for my husband who said I must blog about it.)

While out on a family walk today, I dutifully picked up my dog's poop.  I then commented about how I felt like my life revolved around poop.  Did Hannah poop today?  Was it too hard?  Was it too runny?  Is it time to scoop poop in the backyard?  Do I have a poop bag for our walk?  Is the husband going to spend another 30 minutes in the bathroom today?  As you can see, there is a lot of poop in my day.  I am beginning to wonder if it is one of those joys of motherhood.  I can't even imagine what tales about poop I will have once potty training starts.