Monday, January 9, 2012

My baby is a toddler

I have known for a while now that Hannah is past the infant stage and well into toddlerhood, but lately it is hitting me just how fast she is growing up.  Her vocabulary is expanding, she is using sentences, and she is so into the alphabet.  Everything she sees, she must tell us what letters she recognizes.  She is even taking the first steps towards potty training.  Tonight is the second night that she is sleeping in her "big girl" bed.  She was protesting bed time tonight by yelling at the baby gate.  However, she decided that she was tired and laid down in her bed.  Two months ago when we first tried the toddler bed, she cried at the door and slept there.  She is so excited to have a bed instead of a crib.  She calls it her nigh-nigh.  I am not sure where she picked up that expression since I don't use it, but that is what she says. She even says good night mama when I lay her down in bed.  I almost cried the other day because I don't know when she grew up.  I blinked and now she is a kid.  There is no baby in her (except for the diapers.)  I am excited to see what she will learn next.  There is never a dull moment with this baby kid around.


  1. So cute. I love when babies shift into really looking like miniatute adults. So fun.

  2. I see the same thing with Andrew. It's sad but fun. It's so fun watching them learn and grow.


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