Friday, January 20, 2012


My dad left this morning.  I think it was a pretty great visit.  He wanted to see some Civil War sights so I did the best I could to find them all.  Hannah interacted with him which made me happy.  She was a trooper considering her schedule was all thrown off until yesterday.  We hopped in the car to go to Mobile, but she wasn't thrilled. She screamed for about 20 minutes which by that point my dad and I couldn't take it.  We ended up turning around and hanging out in Milton.  I had to bribe her with a cookie or videos of Elmo to get her to not scream while in the car seat.  I think she was tired of sightseeing.  Luckily, the first few days she was okay.  She loved visiting some of the old forts.  It gave her plenty of space to run and explore.

She found an old water system (I think) and decided to run in it.  It started to become pretty deep and she wanted out.

We also checked out the beach.  She always loves going to the beach.  She was not happy when I said it was time to leave.  The water was pretty cold, but it did not slow her down.  She was splashing around inching her way to the water.

Here she is with Papa.  She did not want to be held.  She had too much exploring to do, and we were slowing her down by taking pictures.

I am glad Hannah was able to spend some time with her grandfather.  I am hoping we can set up Skype sessions with her grandparents in the future to keep them in her life.


  1. Its so nice to see the little ones with Grandparents. I hope my Dad comes to visit us soon. *crosses fingers*

  2. Skype is awesome! Andrew and I live 20 minutes from each other and we skype all the time. lol


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