Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm a freezer

Yesterday, Hannah and I were at the pool for a play date.  Hannah loves the pool.  She is trying to learn how to swim.  I had taken her floaty thing off since she was at the table eating a snack.  She decided she wanted to sit on the steps of the pool and play with a friend.  Since she was on the step, I didn't put her floaty back on.  I looked away for a second to put some food away, and when I turned around I saw my daughter under the water.  I was completely paralyzed.  I was told I did say her name, but in a very calm fashion. Luckily another mom saw her as well and jumped in to get her.  I saw Hannah kicking her legs, and waving her arms so she was trying to get to the surface.  I ran over right after the mom, and grabbed Hannah after she was pulled out.  Surprisingly, Hannah was just fine.  She didn't spit out any water or cough.  All she wanted was to sit down and eat some crackers.  I think she was a bit shaken up, but okay.  She even cried later because I wouldn't let her get back in the pool.  I am guessing she was holding her breath which helped her in the long run.  Plus she must have just gone under since there were 3 other moms around watching the kids.  It still scared me to death.  I was so distraught by my reaction.  I just froze when I saw it.  I didn't run until after I saw someone else run.  I am so disappointed in myself.  If I had been the only one around, Hannah may have been in serious trouble.  I felt like the worst mom in the world.  It also made me realize I need to brush up on my CPR skills.  This time she was okay, but it could have been worse.  Or it could be someone else's kid that needs help.  I definitely learned from that accident.  It keeps replaying over and over in my mind.  I am terrified to take her back to the pool, but I know I have to.  Next time I won't take the floaty off until we are outside the gate.  And she is definitely taking swim lessons this summer.

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