Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I still consider Kansas City my home even though I haven't lived there in 6 years.  All my friends and family are there so it will always be my comfort spot.  I haven't been back there since Christmas, but in two weeks I will be back there again!  I am so excited to see friends and family.  I feel so disconnected from them.  I know that with a husband in the Navy, I probably won't live close to them again until he finishes his career, but some days I did wish I lived there instead of wherever the Navy sends us next.  I am a bit nervous about being there for two weeks.  That is a long time to live out of a suitcase in someone else's house with a toddler, but I think it will be okay.  I am already making plans to catch up with old friends and see all of my family.  I haven't seen extended family in over a year.  That is crazy!  I used to see them several times a year.  Let's hope the husband can hold down the fort while I am gone.


  1. Have fun at "home"! I still consider my parents home my "real home" too even though I havent lived there in 10 years.


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