Friday, July 27, 2012

Murphy's Law

The last few days in KC are turning out to be interesting.  When Hannah's first two teeth were coming in, they decided to make their appearance right at Christmas, when we were in KC visiting for the holiday.  I remember she screamed most of the night and was such a crank.  She was miserable on her first Christmas.  Here we are visiting for two weeks, and what happens.  Of course her two year molars are coming in.  She was awake from 2-5 last night unable to sleep.  I tried everything I had.  She said her teeth hurt so I gave her some medicine.  Then she was thirsty.  Then she just wanted to sit.  Then it was the fan scaring her.  Do you see where this is leading?  I was near tears because I was so tired.  She has been such a crank today, but luckily she had fun at a meet up with a few friends.  I borrowed my dad's car so I could get around town today, and the battery died on me at a gas station.  Luckily I was in the shade, but Hannah was asleep and she was getting really hot.  She woke up when my dad got there to jump start the car and proceeded to scream the entire drive to my brother's house.  She keeps asking to go home, and it breaks my heart to tell her we still have four more days.  I can't wait to be home, in my own bed, Hannah in her own bed, and have my routine back again.  I am exhausted.

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