Sunday, July 15, 2012

Discovery and jealousy

Although this terrible twos phase is really testing my patience, I have to admit it is a fun age. Hannah is catching on to so much stuff.  Right now she is fascinated by Pepper's nipples.  Pepper loves to have her belly rubbed so Hannah does it.  She loves to touch and count all the nipples on Pepper's belly.  Then she has to find her own.  It cracks me up to hear her discuss it with me.  She finally understand there is a baby inside me.  She will lift up my shirt and say hi to the baby.  I don't think she really understands what is going to happen, but it is nice that she is friendly right now.  I did realize I am going to have some jealousy issues with her.  I watched the neighbor's 8 month old the other day, and she did not like me spending so much time with this baby.  She kept trying to move between us, taking all the toys, and eating all her food (I guess that may be a 2 year old thing though.)  She is also trying to claim the crib as hers even though she hasn't slept in a crib in a long time.  As we were setting it up today she kept talking about her crib, and trying to climb in it. My hope is if I have it up this early, she will have time to adjust to the idea that she does have her own bed, and the crib is not hers.  I think I am going to help her decorate the room as much as we can.  We are renting, and more than likely moving when this next is kid is only a few months old, so I won't do much, but I would like to do some.  You never know with Hannah though what she will do next.

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