Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ready to go

Next time I write about going to visit family for two weeks, please remind me about this trip so I don't do it again.  I have enjoyed visiting family and friends, but two weeks with a two year old and pregnant is too much for me.  Hannah is so off her routine, which I expected, but it is so hard to deal with.  Every day she is becoming more obnoxious and harder to take care of.  I just want to be home where she has her own room for naps and bedtime.  Sharing a bed with her is not fun.  She either kicks me in the stomach or rolls on top of me.  So not fun for a 22 week pregnant chick.  I still have a week to go, and I am hoping I can stay busy enough to make the time fly by.  I really miss my home and my family there.  I started crying tonight because I am ready to go, and I almost tried to change my plane ticket so I could leave early.  I will wait it out though.  I am hoping these emotion stem from hormones and exhaustion.

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