Monday, October 21, 2013

Race for the Cure

On Saturday, E and I participated in Race for the Cure here in Jacksonville.  It was crazy how crowded it was, and how people can't follow directions. Anyway, E runs at a much faster pace than I do, but he chose to stay with me. I think it was killing him to run slow. I told him to go on without me, but he said no. He had run 17 miles the day before, and he was pushing the double stroller (the only double I saw), so I guess it was enough to keep him at my pace (although after he saw the results I think he was mad he didn't run at his pace because he may have placed in the top 3 of his age group.) Despite having to dodge all the walkers who started at the front of the pack even though they were supposed to move to the back, I managed a personal best (if you go by chip time). I finished in 30:01 with a pace of 9:39. I shaved 30 seconds off my 5K time. If I go by the Nike app, my 5K time was 28:48 with a pace of 9:15. It also had my fastest mile at 8:51. I like the Nike app times. I thought I was going to die because at one point I was running at a pace much faster than what I am used to, but I held on. The last mile I had to slow down a lot if I was going to make it although now I wonder if I was mentally breaking down. Hannah was starting to get antsy and she wouldn't stop saying mommy. It was hard to concentrate on running and her.  Either way, I am happy. I beat my previous times, and so in my book it was a success. Unfotunately, I didn't take any pictures. Hopefully I can find some online to share. I saw a ton of news stations out and many took pictures of the girls. After the race, we ate about 1000 calories. It was this fun, little restaurant that specializes in biscuits. I had a biscuit with chicken breast and bacon covered in maple syrup. It was delicious. Thank goodness this place is not near my house because I would be there every day.


  1. Great job!!!! :) Sounds like a fun time.

  2. Way to go!!! Sounds like a fun race, followed up with some awesome food!!


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