Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10 Months

My baby turned 10 months old on Sunday. She is rapidly approaching toddlerhood. It is scary how quickly they grow. Miss Meeghan is so close to walking, but I am okay if she waits a bit longer. She now has 2 teeth and I think a third is coming in. She is starting to talk a bit more. She can say hi, bye, daddy, mama, boo, dog, Hannah, whoa, and ow. Granted, she doesn't say all those words on a consistent basis, but she does say them. She also makes the sign for milk, makes the mmm sound when she sees food, and holds phones to her hear to say hi or bye. She is such a nut and is so happy. She makes a face that I call the Popeye face. Supposedly she gets it from me. 
The Popeye face
I want to freeze time. I love this age with kids. They are so excited by everything, they are just starting to walk and talk. They don't talk back yet or run away. It is such a fun time. I didn't appreciate it as much with Hannah because I didn't know what the toddler years would be like. Now I know. I know what it is coming next. I am trying to soak up every last second of this phase before the terrible twos set in and I want to pull all my hair out of my head. 


  1. She's almost exactly a year younger than Adri! They grow so fast! I wish Adri could stay this little forever. It's so much fun to baby her, but also have her interact with me.

  2. She is absolutely adorable!!! :) These pictures are precious.

  3. Spot on when you say how fast they grow! I was just looking at 9 month pictures of M. And those were taken 9 months ago. When did that time pass?!
    I LOVE that little Popeye face! Too cute. :)


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