Friday, December 2, 2011

Gone too soon

Seven years ago today, my dear friend's mother passed away.  This woman was also a close friend to my mother.  This day is just as hard on me as the anniversary of my own mother.  She was like a second mom to me growing up. When she passed away, I was so consumed with grieving for my own mother I don't think I ever properly grieved for her.  I read my friend's facebook status today, and how tough the day is on her.  I found myself thinking about it today, and I started crying.  There I was crying in the shower.  That was my secret crying place after my mom died, and I was once again using it again today.  I understand that it is everyone faces death.  It is our fate as humans.  I get it.  However, it pisses me off that these women were taken too soon.  They were still young.  They still had children to raise.  (Okay we were both in our mid 20s, but we still needed our moms.)  I look at Hannah and feel such sadness for her because she will never know her Nana.  My mom loved having grandbabies.  I know she would love playing with Hannah.  I try to show Hannah pictures of my mom, and tell her all the stories I can, but I know it isn't the same.  I never took the time to ask questions about recipes or at what age I did stuff.  I figured I could ask when I got married and had kids.  I was wrong.  I wish I had asked back then.  Luckily, my dad remembers some of the milestones.   I am going to make a point to share all I can with Hannah just in case I don't make it to 100 like I planned.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this. But I'm glad you're keeping both of these lovely moms alive in memory. Hugs.


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