Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby fever

I have baby fever.  And it is bad.  I long to hold a little newborn in my arms again.  I am not sure why. I am tired all the time since my child doesn't sleep.  Another kid that doesn't sleep would probably send me over the edge.  Also, this time I wouldn't have as much help since the husband is training.  When I was pregnant, I knew I could easily have a second or even third (of course I was still naive to how hard it is to raise a child.)  Then during labor and after, I swore I would never have another kid.  Never.  Shortly after that,  I went back to thinking a second would be fun.  You can see the pattern.  However, lately the discussion has been there about another child.  I think the answer is yes, but it all depends on the timing.  The Navy likes to make things difficult when it comes to planning a future.  Luckily, I know a few people having babies soon so maybe I can get my newborn fix until I can have my own. 

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  1. This fever seems to be going around... there must be something in the water!


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