Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pinterest and Christmas

I joined Pinterest. I am not crafty, but I am enjoying finding recipes.  I love food.  I have found a few craft projects, but I doubt I will do them.  I always say I will do them, and then I don't.  I usually just buy it online somewhere (lazy I know.)  

I leave in 3 days for KC, and I have not started anything I need to do for the trip.  It is so unlike me.  I feel a bit unmotivated lately to do anything.  I have treats to make, but I want to wait until right before I leave so they are fresh.  I still need to find all our heavy coats (darn cold weather!), and pack clothes.  Thankfully, we have decided to break the trip up like we did on the way here. We were going to leave early evening and drive it in one day.  So far it seems like we will have sunny weather for the two days.  I can't believe it is time to head back.  I haven't seen anybody in over 6 months.  It will be nice to see friends and family again.

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  1. I like the recipes and the home decor ideas. I'm not crafty either.


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