Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I miss...

I realized there are things I miss about Salina/Kansas City (besides friends and family).

1. The leaves changing color.  I have seen some yellow here, but nothing like in the midwest.

2. Big 12 football.  I have to sit in my car to listen to the football games on satellite radio.

3. Braum's.  That's right. Braum's.  I have been craving a chocolate M&M mix from there for the last month.  Nothing seems to satisfy the craving.

4. Real barbecue.  I am a Kansas City girl. I miss my KC barbecue.

I know for certain in a few months I will be glad I am here when the bitter cold and wind set in.  Add to that the snow and ice, and I will definitely be happy I am here.  I will gladly take the chilly weather here any day over wind chills in the below zero category and 8 inches of snow falling.

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