Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cats and Holes

Last night I settled into bed hoping for a full night's sleep...or at least what passes for one around here with a toddler who wakes up several times a night.  It is close to 10, and the dogs are outside pacing and doing their hunting thing.  I decided to check on them which is when I find that they are in my neighbor's yard instead of mine.  I immediately woke the husband and off we went to try to get them out of the yard.  I felt bad trying to break into my neighbor's yard, but I wanted my dogs back.  Unfortunately, he must lock his gates because they would not open.  The dogs also wouldn't go back through the hole they dug.  They did find a hole in the neighbor's fenceline.  I was trying to help pull them out when I stepped away for a minute to try the gate one more time.  As I am heading back to the other side of the house to try the hole again I see Rowdy running down the street, and Pepper is right behind her.  They made it through on their own.  I start crying because now all I can picture is them being hit by a car on the highway or getting lost in the woods and a gator eats them.  (By the way, I have never seen an alligator near my house.)  The husband takes off to look for them, and I stay at the house.  I was not about to leave our yard with Hannah asleep in the house.  Pepper finally tired, and allowed herself to be captured.  Rowdy, not so much.  Rowdy loves the chase game.  She will let you get within just a few inches and off she goes!  She is finally caught and returned home with only a few near misses with the highway.  It was 11 before everyone was back in the house.  The dogs on probation now.  If I see them even start to paw at the fence they are inside. I have only done that once today.  For the most part they are staring at the fence or lounging in the sun.  I blame this one cat that has decided to torment the dogs.  It comes in our yard at night.  They cornered it the other night before they were pulled inside.  Then they had it cornered in a tree.  I think it was in the neighbor's yard last night which is why they went under the fence. 

This is what angers me about the situation.  I do the best I can to keep my dogs in the yard.  They are large dogs who can jump, but they like to dig instead.  We block every hole we can find to keep the dogs in.  When we walk the dogs we are responsible pet owners and pick up the poop.  I do my best to keep them from barking all day long.  Why do cats get to run around so freely?  They seem to be causing more problems than my dogs.  They poop in yards, they start fights, and they drive all the neighborhood dogs crazy.  I have never understood why cats can be out while dogs have to be locked in yards and leashed on walks.  One cat even came into my garage and peed all over our stuff.  I guess there may be a trip to a home improvement store to purchase some cinder blocks soon.

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  1. What an ordeal! When my cats get outside, they don't really take off - they kinda just wander very cautiously until I yell at them and then they turn around and come back in. Babies.


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