Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween was almost a bust

Hannah woke up with a cough and stuffed up nose this morning.  I was worried that trick or treating was out of the question for tonight.  Luckily, she seemed to be in a descent mood so I took her around the neighborhood for a bit.  She had a blast!  She can't say trick or treat, but she did say, "Wow! and Whoa!" when she saw the decorations. 

This is Hannah last year   

This is Hannah this year
She knew exactly where she wanted to go
This is how she started her the park

Yes, I am wearing skull pajama pants and Mickey pirate ears.

I would call this year a success.  She didn't get a lot of candy which means I won't be eating a ton of candy.  We have no candy left also.  I have never experienced a Halloween where I ran out of candy.  This subdivision is awesome!  It consists of only 3 streets, but I think people bring their kids here.  The streets were packed.  I loved it!  Plus all the neighbors were sitting on their driveway waiting for kids.  Some were even dressed up.  This is opposite of what I have experienced the last 20 or so years.  I am sad that we, more than likely, won't be living here next year.

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