Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fair time!

We decided to check out the fair this weekend.  I was a bit disappointed since I am used to my Missouri State Fair, but Hannah liked looking around.  If she were a few years older, she would have loved it.  There was a petting zoo which she wasn't too sure about. 

Not sure yet
Really not digging it
She did want to kiss the pumpkin
Daddy daughter time

I never had an opinion about leashes on kids until I had a kid.  Yesterday I wish I had one of those animal backpacks with the tail that is a leash.  Hannah had no desire to ride in the stroller after the petting zoo, and all she did was screech and scream until she could walk.  The only problem is she doesn't want to hold your hand.  Again more screaming until she is free.  I don't mind if she walks, but I want her to be safe.  I am guessing this is a phase...right?

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