Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I didn't disappear

I took a long Christmas hiatus. I was pretty busy while in KC, and it seems like I have been playing catch up since we have been home. To sum up, my Christmas was pretty good. It was fricking freezing in Kansas City. When we left Jacksonville it was in the 60s and a bit cloudy. When we landed it was 3 degrees. 3! It was so frigid. There was snow on the ground and Hannah was excited. I had no winter stuff for her except a heavy coat. Thank goodness my sister-in-law kept all her kids' gloves and hats. Hannah borrowed some so she could play in the snow. She loved it! I had to drag her inside because she refused to stop playing. I felt bad she didn't get to play for very long, but I think it was only 12 degrees and I didn't want her to freeze. Meeghan hated the snow. She is definitely a southern baby. The girls had a great time seeing family, and E and I were able to have a few dates which is rare. Meeghan even went to her first movie with my sister-in-law. I haven't looked at the pictures from vacation, but hopefully I can share some once I do. (I feel like the worst parent since I haven't looked at the pictures yet.)


  1. I haven't looked at most of our pictures from vacation either haha. In time it will happen.

  2. We are still in KC. Two days ago it was NEGATIVE 8! Ridiculous.
    I'm still trying to play catch up, too. The holidays always leave me feeling that way.
    Glad the girls had a good time and you could have a few date nights!


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