Friday, January 17, 2014

5 weeks to go

After 3 visits to the doctor, and a trip to the ER, it appears E is slowly recovering from his virus. Although I am not completely convinced it was just a stomach virus. He is sleeping a lot, and he still has a headache. I guess the virus on top of running/waling a marathon is too much for a body.

Now that E's marathon is finished, I can focus on my race. I am so freaking ready for this thing. I have completed a 12.5 mile training run, and I felt strong when I finished. I have 14 scheduled for this weekend. For some reason 14 seems so intimidating. I don't know if it is because it is longer than the race or what, but I am ready to tackle it. This run is my last long run on the training program, but I am 3 weeks ahead of the program so I am not sure what to do. I am supposed to run the 14 miles 2 weeks before the half. I am torn on just running a mid-distance run 2 weeks before and then taper, or if I should add another mile and shoot for 15. I don't want to over train and injure myself, but at the same time I want to know if I can run that far (especially since I am considering Dopey next year). I am terrified that I will spend all this time training, and money, only to be injured.  


  1. Keep it up! You are doing awesome!

  2. Good to hear your hubby is one the road to feeling better.
    If you ran 14 this week, shoot for a 10-miler the week before your race, and then follow your normal taper program.
    Cannot wait to hear now you do!!

  3. I hope your husband feels better!

    Good luck with your training!


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