Monday, January 27, 2014

Second child

I feel like I have let down Meeghan. I started making photobooks every year for Hannah, and I was always on top of it. I have made them for each move as well. I started Meeghan's shortly after she was born, and that is it. She turned 1 a month and a half ago, and I haven't updated her book. I feel horrible. I know that she has no clue, and she won't know that I didn't finish it the moment she turned 1. I told myself that I wouldn't slip up with the second kid. I would do the same stuff in the same time frame as the first, but it isn't happening. I feel lazier with the second. Or more relaxed. Either way, I wish this mom guilt would go away. I am going to attempt to work on it this week so it will be finished. Am I the only one struggling with the second child syndrome?


  1. I'm sure it happens, but no need to worry. Hugs!

  2. Though I only have one (for now), I'm worried about this same thing. I feel like I'm able to document and photograph every.single.thing M does. I'm concerned I won't be as good with all that if/when baby #2 comes.

    On a different note - try not to be so hard on yourself. With one babe you're note nearly as busy as with two!


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