Saturday, December 21, 2013

Visit with Santa

Last year, I missed Hannah's visit with Santa. The base children's Christmas party was the day Meeghan was born so my neighbor took Hannah. I was told she did not want to go near him, but she still has the bath duck he gave her. This year I wasn't sure how she would do. E's squadron had a Christmas party last week. It was in the hangar which was pretty neat since I hadn't seen that part yet. They asked for wrapped gifts for your kids so Santa could hand them a gift after their visit. They also had bounce houses, cookie decorating, crafts, and snacks. It was a pretty nice set up. They even had free pizza!

I swear bubble wrap can entertain kids for hours. Meeghan didn't get it, but Hannah loved it.

These were their favorite activities. Hannah loved the bounce house, and Meeghan thought it was fun to push the chair everywhere until she found the tie downs in the floor that are full of grease. She was a mess by the time we left. 

Santa "arrived" in a P-3

Hannah wasn't sure she wanted to sit on Santa's lap, but she did. She was pretty shy. I was waiting for her to cry. I wasn't sure how Meeghan would do. She is pretty friendly so I assumed she would be okay. Honestly, I thought I would have the kid that yanks off Santa's beard. Luckily, she didn't do that. She was more interested at looking at everything. Overall the girls enjoyed themselves, and they loved their gifts from Santa, so I consider it a successful day for my family. 


  1. This looks like SUCH a fun Christmas event!!
    Heck yes to the bubble wrap. We have a book that reminds me of bubble wrap and it's one of M's favorites. HA!

  2. This is awesome! Such great photos. :)


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