Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dads can nest too!

So, I think my husband is nesting.  He is starting to clean out the car more, he is trying to stay a bit more organized, wants to make freezer meals now, and he wants to build stuff.  Remember how I showed a picture of the nursery and its sad state?  This is what we were using for storage:

Plastic drawers
Neither one us really liked it, but it is what we had so we decided to live with it.  Then my husband got the nesting bug.  He went out and bought materials to make a cabinet for her.  In one weekend he built this huge cabinet that holds all her stuff.  I had other stuff crammed under the crib, futon, and still more shoved in the linen closet.  This cabinet holds all of it!  I have nothing stored under the crib anymore.  The finished product:

He even picked the color for the doors.  Hannah helped him paint.

I added some cute baskets for helpful storage inside.
The plastic storage is now holding toys in our dining room/playroom downstairs.  It may not be the prettiest or fanciest piece of furniture around, but it hides all the stuff and should work long term.  I was pretty impressed with the final product especially since this was his first time building something like this.  Now he wants to build a new bed frame for us.  I told him that would have to wait until we had a house with a garage so he didn't leave saw dust all over my house.


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