Thursday, October 4, 2012


I want to thank every one for the kind words yesterday.  As far as the tech could tell, everything seems to be okay.  She didn't think it looked like my body has started labor, but I will get confirmation at my next appointment.  She did take some pictures of the baby for me.  She said Meeghan was very photogenic and cooperative so she took quite a few.  I have never had an ultrasound this late in a pregnancy so it was neat to see a baby so big.  She is definitely a girl which is nice to know since we did have a bit of a doubt.  She is just over 4 pounds which seems so big at this stage.  Hannah was barely 7 pounds and  I could hardly push her out.  I am hoping this one isn't any bigger otherwise I am afraid to know how long it will take to push.  She is also head down.  I was pretty sure she was head down, but it is nice to know for sure.  Hopefully she stays that way for these last 8 weeks.  So now, I am trying to hydrate like crazy and rest as much as possible to keep as comfortable as I can.

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  1. I am so glad that everything seems to be ok. I will still send good thoughts and prayers your way. :)


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