Thursday, March 15, 2012

Travel tips

My cousin pinned a website on Pinterest the other day about how to save money at Disneyland.  Now, I have only been to Disney World, but I know most work at both parks.  I read it and noted she had some good tips, and I had a few that I shared with my cousin.  I decided I would like to share my tips so I may do a weekly thing where I list a few hints and suggestions I have found that worked for me.  I have been quite a few times and in different scenarios: with a friend, with young, school age children, on a honeymoon, and with an infant.  Hopefully we will go again before we leave Florida so I can add "with a toddler" to that list.  Even if nobody reads them, at least I will have them written down for myself as a reference for the future.  I always thought it would be fun to start a travel tip website, but I think I will use my blog instead.

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  1. I should check out those tips. We hope to go next year!


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