Sunday, November 13, 2011


To celebrate Veteran's Day, we decided to go to the airshow.  It was the Blue Angels Homecoming show.  I hadn't been to an airshow in years.  While I think planes are okay, I am definitely not fascinated with them like my husband.  I feel bad that I don't share his enthusiasm, but I did my best to pay attention to the planes he would like to fly in his career.  It was a gorgeous day, and Hannah was on her best behavior so we were able to stay longer than we originally thought.  Hannah is definitely her father's daughter.  She loved it!  She couldn't get over all the planes flying overhead. Since we live almost an hour from the base, and we had to pick up the dogs by 5 from doggie daycare, we decided we better leave before the Blue Angels performed.  I was a bit bummed, but hopefully I can catch them next year. 

I look so happy to be checking out the plane
Hannah and I in a helicopter.  Hannah has her hand on the trigger ready to fire.
She had to stop to watch the planes fly over her.  She is an aviation fan.

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