Monday, March 2, 2015

On the upswing

I am afraid to say it out loud (or write it down I guess), but I think my shin splints are healing. The horrible pain on the side is gone. I have tightness in my calves still, but with rolling and ice it goes away. I have been doing leg strengthening exercises as well as rolling every night. Plus, I think those few weeks off helped (as much as I hate to admit it.) I have been back to my regular schedule, and I am working on safely running without intervals. The last few runs have produced this:

 These are new records I set this week. I don't know if it is the new watch (I love it!), the rest, or the compression sleeves, but I feel like I am flying now when I run. I have a 15K in 12 days. I had a time goal set for it which I quickly dismissed when the shin splints hit. I am still reluctant to go for the goal because of the bridges on the course. I am trying to find all the hills I can to work on it, but nothing can really prepare me for the bridges except running on a bridge. At this point, though, I am happy that I can run it.

Did I mention that the NYC marathon lottery is tomorrow? I am going to be pretty antsy waiting to hear from them.


  1. Fingers crossed for good news from the lottery!

    The good thing about Gate is it is such a FUN run! No pressure, just have fun (and maybe a mimosa too, ha!) :)

  2. I am so glad your shin splints are getting better! Fingers crossed for the lottery!!!

  3. So glad to hear the shin splints are on the mend! And even better that your times are so awesome!
    Cannot wait to hear if you're number is drawn for the NYC Full!!

  4. So glad you're feeling good!

  5. Eeek! I hope you got good news from the lottery!

    I am so, so glad to hear your shin splints are feeling better! You are going to rock GRR!

    1. Thank you! It feels nice to run pain free again.


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