Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Common courtesy

We went to Disney World this past weekend. It was a spur of the moment trip (like most of them), and I noticed a lot of things. The biggest was that common courtesy seems to be missing in society. I saw a woman cut in line. I saw kids pushing small kids out of the way, and the parents weren't even watching. Politeness was forgotten. We use a double stroller. It is big. Very big. I try my best not to bump people with it or clip them while weaving through the crowds, but when people intentionally cut in front of the stroller, you may be clipped. I was amazed that even wheelchairs had to fight to merge into a line. A girl on a bus commented on the girls' blue eyes and blonde hair. She then proceeded to ask how Hitler was doing. I am not sure why this girl thought she needed to connect my kids' features to Hitler. It is not like I had them engineered in a lab. I did come across nice people who made up for all the rude people, but it still made me wonder where we are heading as a society. Just watch people drive. Once at a stoplight, I counted how many people actually stopped at the red light before turning right. Only one out of about ten stopped. One! I know society was never like it was portrayed in Leave It to Beaver or The Brady Bunch, but I wish we could all take the time to be just a bit nicer to each other.


  1. The hitler comment would have put me in mommy rage mode. Wow.

  2. Wow that is not cool at all!

    1. I was pretty surprised that someone had the nerve to say it.

  3. I would have lost my shit at the Hitler comment. Holy. Crap.
    I am continually amazed at how rude people are, everywhere. However, I sincerely believe people in the Midwest truly are nicer and more considerate.

  4. WOW!! I was pretty annoyed with everything up until the Hilter comment, but that one sent me over the edge! WTF?! We've thought about visiting Disney while we're visiting home next month, but I don't think I'll be able to handle it like that!


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