Saturday, February 28, 2015


My kids have been quite a handful lately.  I am in the middle of potty training, and it is somewhat successful. I forgot how time consuming it is to teach a child to use a toilet instead of a diaper. Other than that, Meeghan is deep into the terrible twos. She is very stubborn, and loves to dump water all over the floor. I can't get her to sit for any type of learning so I am trying to find creative ways to teach her. Most days I am at my wits end from her antics, but at night when she tells me she loves me it is worth it. 

Hannah is 4 going on 14. Door slamming, spitting, attitude, and eye rolling. I am in trouble when the real teen years hit. I have caught her lying a lot, and she just doesn't understand why she needs to stop. Despite her behavior at home, she is flourishing at school. She has started reading, and keeps asking for more to learn. She loves school. She even asked me for homework yesterday, and we have been working on flash cards today. I hope her love of school continues as she gets older. 

These two (plus my two fur babies) have been keeping me busy. In fact, it took two hours to write this post. I grumble about how I feel like I never have a second to myself, but I know in a few years I will be sad that they won't want me around. For now, I make sure there is plenty of chocolate in the kitchen to help me through the days. 


  1. We're in the same stage. My 4 year old teenager and my 2 year old stubborn, whiny boy. Grr. Lots of wine over here.

  2. This sounds exactly like my oldest two! Except that the terrible two's have also become the terrible three's!

  3. Oh man, hopefully things get a little easier!

    1. Thanks! The attitude is still there, but I am working on it.

  4. While I only have one to relate to (for now), I know where you're coming from. The terrible two's are here, and I have a strong suspicion three won't be any easier.
    Thank goodness for chocolate. :)


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