Sunday, February 8, 2015

My day off

E decided to take the girls to Disney World today because Meeghan has been asking to ride Dumbo, the tea cups, and the tram all week. He said he wanted to take them, and I could stay here. A day to myself? Yes, please! Do you know what I have done today? Not much. I went for a run (oops, I can't seem to rest even though it hurt), I am doing laundry, watching non-animated television, and I went grocery shopping. I love my kids, but I have found to keep my sanity I need some time to myself.  Some people are perfectly content with the constant chaos. I am not. It makes me nuts if I can't have quiet at some point. This is my quiet. Of course, I still have the dogs hanging around, but they are pretty quiet compared to a 2 year old and a 4 year old. Tomorrow it will be back to the grind, but for today I will pretend I am 25 again and have a lazy Sunday.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your day to yourself, you deserve it :)

  2. Mommy time is SO important! Glad you got to enjoy some time on your own!

  3. I am so envious of your Sunday! I'm with you, I need the quiet. If I don't get it I start to go a little crazy.
    So glad you got a little time to yourself!!


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