Friday, July 26, 2013

Bringing home the bacon

A disagreement has started between my husband that is probably a pretty common one. My husband wants me to get a job after we move. We will be paying on his student loans soon so the extra income would be nice. I am not ready to put both kids in day care all day. I like having the freedom to schedule appointments whenever, take spontaneous trips to an aquarium or a zoo, or even head out of town if the situation allows. My husband doesn't work normal hours. Some days he is gone all day. Some he is finished by 8am, and others he doesn't even go into work until 4pm.  It is harder to get time off.  I like that if he does get a day off we can do something as a family and we don't have to wait for the weekend. Heck, weekends are still working days for the Navy. Plus there is the deployment factor.  He will deploy within the next year. I will be on my own. I am afraid if I am working plus taking care of the kids and house that I will be burnt out. I know many spouses do it, but I am not sure I want to be one of them. I guess I am afraid of missing out or cheating my kids of fun. My mom worked part time during school hours so she was available when I was home. I loved that. However, my parents were more financially stable than we are. It is such a tough decision. I have looked at jobs that are available in Jacksonville. The ones that I like either require travel or are second shift. I will admit there are days where it seems easier to work so someone else can deal with Hannah's attitude all day, but I am pretty sure I would miss her.  I am pretty sure I know what I need to do, but I am not ready to admit it to myself. Chances are good I will get a job to help with the bills, but my heart doesn't like it.  I will miss these faces.


  1. I am right there with you! My hubs is always suggesting I get a job. I like being able to go do something fun on a whims notice. I don't want to wait for the weekend to go to the aquarium - when it's SO packed!
    Eventually, I'm sure I'll cave and get a job. But, right now I'm just not ready.

  2. Aw, I understand. I never wanted to leave my kids either.


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