Monday, May 6, 2013

It's been awhile

I know I have been gone awhile.  What can I say? I haven't learned to balance life with two kids yet.  I am trying, but things that don't involve children and housework have been shoved to the side lately.  I wanted to hop on quickly to show off this cutie.  Meeghan is 5 months old today.  I am guessing she is 14 pounds and 23 or so inches.  She has huge feet.  I put her in 6-9 month pajamas and her feet are busting out of them.  She can still wear 3-6 onesies, but she needs 6-9 pants.  She must have a short torso and long legs.  She can sit unassisted for a bit, not too long, but she can sit assisted.  She is pushing up on her arms and trying to push up on her knees.  She will be crawling before I know it!  Her sleep sucks lately, but I hope it is due to her cold.  She has started rolling over in her sleep and I think it pisses her off that she ends up on her stomach.  She also likes to sleep with her face buried into the mattress so I spend half the night trying to turn her head the side.  I think most of the time she is resting her head on her hands so there is a bit of space, but it still freaks me out.  I know she is strong enough to turn her head to breathe, but I still worry.  Here are a few pictures of her taken yesterday.  


  1. So happy to see you back! :) Adorable.

  2. She is just the cutest. You can't keep posting pictures like this, or you'll have to explain to my hubs why I think it'd be a good idea for another baby right now. :)

  3. She's adorable. Happy five months, little girl! :)

  4. Oh, she's a cuite!! Life with two is nuts, isn't it? I wonder when "getting out the door" is no longer an event to dread. Or when I'll ever get to sleep for a whole night again :)

    1. Life with two is nuts! I have still haven't adjusted yet.

  5. Happy 5 months to adorable little Meeghan! I just love her little peach fuzz hair. :)


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