Friday, April 12, 2013

4 months

This little cutie is 4 months old already.  Seriously, my baby is growing up too fast!  She weighs 13 pounds, but she feels heavier than that.  Her poor head is tiny.  I think she was at the 20th percentile.  She gets it from me.  I have a tiny head.  So small in fact that I can wear hats made for babies.  Hannah has a huge head which she inherited from her dad.  She is 24 inches long.  I have to put her in 6-9 month pajamas because her feet are busting out of 3-6 month ones.  Pants are a little short on her as well so I need to find the 6-9 month pants.  You have to work really hard to get a laugh out of her (unless you are Hannah).  She is a pretty serious baby.  She will smile, but laughs are few.  She is rolling over from front to back and back to front.  She was a good sleeper until a few nights ago.  Now it takes an hour to get her to fall asleep, and she wakes during the night.  Luckily, most nights, she only yells out for a second and then she is quiet again.  I barely get out of bed and she has put herself back to sleep.  I hope whatever is causing her to fight sleep stops because I was running out of ideas last night.  

I am amazed that in just two months it will be time to consider solids, she could mobile, she should be sitting up, and soon she will start to talk.  I love my little baby girl.  I can't believe how quickly she is growing.  


  1. Wow 4 months?! She is just too cute for words. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, she is too cute!
    I'm amazed at how time flies when kids are in the picture. One minute you're just coming home from the hospital, the next you're talking about solid food!


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