Thursday, November 29, 2012

Due Date

Today is my due date.  Nothing is really happening other some back pain and pressure.  I didn't expect to go early since I was late with my first, but every pregnancy is different.  My doctor prefers if patients start on their own so he does wait until 41 weeks before inducing.  At my last appointment, we went ahead and scheduled the induction for December 6th should I not start on my own.  It is a little weird knowing I only have a week (at the most) left before this baby is born.  I am definitely ready to not be pregnant any more even if it means labor.  I am dreading labor because the first time around it was long and horrible.  I hope the second time is a bit faster.

The one thing I have noticed this time is how many people are shocked that I haven't been induced yet.  I am just now at 40 weeks.  It seems like so many women hit 37 weeks and they start inducing just because they are uncomfortable.  I am uncomfortable, but if baby isn't ready then she isn't ready.  I agreed to wait until 41 weeks.  I would even wait a few days after, but the doctor thinks it is safer for everyone if baby comes out around 41.  When I tell people I am waiting an extra week, they start saying bad things about my doctor.  Once I tell them it is my choice to wait, they are surprised.  It may only be a few weeks, but there is a difference between a 37 week baby and a 40 week baby.  Hannah was so alert when she was born.  My cousin's baby was born at 37 weeks, and she said he wasn't very alert and he had trouble eating.  It is amazing what those extra few weeks can do for a baby.  Your due date is at 40 weeks for a reason.  Now that I am 40 weeks, I am willing to try all the old wives' tales about starting labor.  My doctor told me to try sex and nipple stimulation.  I am doing a ton of squats, and I will start walking around the neighborhood tonight.  I may even try the pineapple again.  I tried pineapple with Hannah.  I have no clue if any of it actually works, but fruit and walking are good for me so I figured they can't hurt anything.  Hopefully, I will have a new post in a few days about a baby.


  1. Hopefully baby comes soon!!!! :)

  2. Military doctors make you wait after your due date to be induced. They wouldn't allow the 37 week thing at all.

    Good luck! I hope labor starts soon.

  3. I'm with you! I don't understand the inducing at 37 weeks thing at ALL. I mean, I'm already ready to be done and get to meet our baby, but not at the risk of his not being ready. And as for pineapple, if nothing else, it's delicious!


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