Thursday, April 5, 2012

The next stop on the Navy train is...


My husband completed primary this week and selected today.  For those not familiar with how Naval aviation works here is a quick summary.  The students go through primary where they learn the basics of flying.  Towards the end of primary they can put in their preference on which pipeline/aircraft they would like to fly for their specific branch.  For my husband he wanted tailhook so he can fly the C-2.  Tailhook is on of the most competitive selections since it includes the fighter jets.  They receive a total grade at the end of primary as a way to "rank" them against the other students selecting the same day.  It is all based on scores, input from class advisers and others, their preference, and of course the needs of the military.  He was a little worried because he heard rumors of a helicopter draft, and he did not want helicopters.  Luckily he was put on stand by a lot the last few weeks so his selection date was pushed back.  It worked out well for him since he did receive tailhook!  He was so excited!  I don't think I had seen him so giddy in a long time.  He actually put Mississippi as his first choice, but is being sent to Texas so our plans are a little shaky right now.  We weren't even thinking Texas right now. We figured Texas would be his next stop. All this means is I will be spending the next year in Texas.  I have never even visited the state so it will be new to me.  I am very proud of him.  I know he worked really hard to get to this point.

So now I only have a few weeks left in Florida, and I am going to squeeze in all my "lasts".  I will be sad to leave Florida.  I have met some great people here, but I know this is how life with the Navy is.  Chances are good I will run into some of these people again since their husbands are also pilots so I have that to look forward to in the future.

I guess the purging of household goods will begin soon so there is less to pack.  Ah moving...we meet again.

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