Wednesday, May 6, 2015


When I have a chance to sit at a computer, I usually do boring stuff like pay bills or arrange schedules. I will open a new post page, but it sits blank for days. The words don't come to me when I have the chance. Although, I do write great blog posts in my head.  

School starts next week. I am pretty nervous. I have trouble in social situations so walking into a classroom where I am sure I will be the oldest student makes me anxious. I am excited to learn about phlebotomy though. At least this skill can provide a job if I don't make it through the program.

Hannah only has 4 weeks of school left, and I am terrified about how to entertain her during the summer. I enrolled her in summer camp, vacation bible school, and she will be in swim lessons. I hope that keeps us busy enough. I am also considering setting up a homeschool session with her because she always wants to learn. Meeghan will also be going to summer camp so I will have 3 half days that are childless. I don't know what I will do with my time!

We canceled our cable a few weeks ago. The girls are taking it harder than the adults. We used to be able to watch different episodes on the Disney Junior app, and now we can't. Meeghan doesn't understand why she can't. I found some new puzzles, though, which Meeghan loves so she doesn't miss tv too much.

Other than that, things around here are the same.


  1. You are going to do amazing in school, I'm really proud of you!

  2. So many days I have all these great posts in my head, and when I go to write, either the topic/subject has slipped me. Or, once I start writing it doesn't sound/read nearly as great as it did in my head.

    You have a full summer, but your half days childless sound amazing. I'm looking to get M into a summer camp, and I think it would be glorious for both of us!

    You'll do great with your classes!


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