Monday, May 26, 2014

Flying solo

The Big D has taken over my house. E checked in last Wednesday morning, and they told him he would be on a plane later that day. 18 hours later he arrived in Japan. I have been dealing with all the house drama, and little kid drama. Meeghan has decided that she must start throwing temper tantrums and will only eat dairy. I was happy today because she ate two bites of pasta and some salsa before throwing her lunch on the floor. Meeghan is a daddy's girl and I know she misses him. Yesterday she was confusing the thunder with the sound of the garage. She would run to the kitchen yelling, "Daddy!" and waiting for him to walk through the door. Hannah doesn't seem to care much. She says she misses him, but she told me we can do stuff without him so it is fine. She is a bit more obnoxious than normal, but nothing too out of the ordinary. We have been able to Skype with him a few times, and I think that is helping. Thank goodness he will be home this summer so it is a short deployment. He lucked out joining his squadron when they are at the end of the deployment.

The house situation is slowly moving along. The inspection has been completed. My financing was almost turned down because we didn't have enough to cover closing. I was freaking out because I thought the seller agreed to pay closing costs. My agent said she was going to put that in the contract and forgot. She said since it was her mistake she was going to cover closing (or most of it) with her commission. I feel bad because I should have caught it when I was signing the paperwork. We didn't sign until after the deal had been made, and so I don't know if that would have changed anything. Lesson learned. Ask to see a hard copy before a digital copy is sent. My agent is doing all digital copies and e-signatures which did make it difficult to read because it kept sending me to the signature box, but I am guessing I could have forced it allow me to read it. Either way, I think we will be okay.


  1. I'm glad the agent is going to cover most of the closing costs, honestly it was her mistake it was not in the contract.

  2. Ahh, How scary. Glad it is going to work out, though.

  3. Woah, you certainly have a plate full.
    Glad to hear everything worked out with your housing. However, I feel that issue is on your agent, and not you.

  4. Wow, so much is going on for you! First of all, I'm sorry about the "Big D." Those are never fun, and your plate sounds so full with the house and kids. I don't know how parents do it. Deployments are hard enough with just dogs!

    I hope things start smoothing out for you soon.

  5. I'm glad it all worked out in the end for the house.

    I hope the deployment goes quickly.


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