Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A jumbled post

I had every intention of sitting down this past weekend to write about my feelings on Mother's Day. It never happened. Somehow the weekend slipped away from me. I don't really celebrate Mother's Day, but I wanted to write about my mom. Hopefully soon I can sit down to write about what life has been like the past ten years since she passed away.

In other news, this past weekend was a bit hectic. E finished his FRS training which means he enters the fleet next week. His assigned squadron is currently on deployment in Japan, but are scheduled to come home this summer. We know nothing about what will happen to him so we are planning on him leaving. He could leave as early as Tuesday, or maybe not even go at all. He checks into the squadron on Monday so I am hoping they will tell him something.

On top of all the deployment talk, the property manager called to say that we need to supervise our dogs at all times while they are in the yard because they are destroying the property. If they find any more holes, they will ask us to get rid of them according to the pet addendum. It is true that Rowdy dug around the foundation which the insurance company didn't like. We have fixed it, but then the property manager had his "handymen" fix it as well. They undid all we did so Rowdy dug a small hole again, and they saw it. His workers showed up unannounced and walked right into my backyard. (This is not the first time they have done that.) We fired back saying  you need to give us 12 hours notice that is stated in the lease. After that hole is when they warned us. It was a tiny hole that she had dug that morning, and I hadn't been able to get out to fill it. Basically, we have had it. We were going to live here until early 2015, but we decided to get the heck out of the house. We weren't happy about the condition of the house when we moved in, and I can see that they are out for money. We decided to apply for a mortgage loan again. We tried last summer before moving here, but E's credit was too low. He never thought to apply jointly with me. My credit score is higher, but I have no income. This time we decided to try jointly, and we were approved. Yay! It was a relief. We know we can find a house since we aren't too picky. We have about 8 weeks to find a house, close, and move. This could all take place while E is gone, but I have bought and sold a house while he has been away so I think I can handle it. We have already narrowed down our search to nine homes. Let's hope we can look at them this week and start this process.


  1. yay for being approved for a loan!! :)

  2. Good luck with the current home and house search!
    When we moved out of our rental we had a really terrible run-in with our landlord and her family. It was clear they wanted to nickel and dime us for everything. At one point they even wanted to claim our ENTIRE deposit, and then asked for us to give them even more money. It's really too long to go into detail about, but it was totally absurd.

  3. Oh my gosh. That's a big decision!

  4. Yay house hunting! That's exciting. Good for you guys. :)

    1. We have been renting the last few years. It will be nice to own a home so we can fix it how we like.

  5. Wow - good luck with the house hunting!

  6. Good luck with the house situation! Goodness, how stressful. We have loved owning our home, and I am quite sad over having to sell it. So is the military life, I suppose. I'll think good thoughts about no deployments for your husband this summer. Gosh, I couldn't imagine "hey, you're deploying next week."


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